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Axle Feature
Focus On Technology Innovation
HJ's engineers spent 3 years time to improve the craft for the Non-welded axle , use the extrusion technology instead of the hot rolling technology.
Strengthen on the shaft 1
The both ends of the spindle are integrated by high temperature extrusion at same time while the metal fiber of axle body is streamline and won't be destroyed, therefore, it will increases strength of axle body and makes shape perfect.(same as NO.1), which solves the hidden danger of fatigue fracture in the use of process hazard resulting from the hot spinning metal found in the twisting and deformation( as the NO.2 which shaped by the spinning technology ) .
Strengthen on the shaft 2
After axle body being heat treatment ,the beam cooling process is done external and internal at the same time , the grain size will reach level 7 to level 8 which can gain a perfect condition, thus strength and hardness of the axle are increased( Pls see above indication) with yield strength: 590 N/mm2
Heat Treatment on the bearing position
High strength alloy material , heat treatment on the position of the bearing,100% under flaw detection ensure no bending or fracture .

The 6 hole are welded by Welding robot, and processed by digital controlled boring lathe, which make sure that the coaxality of the holes less then 0.2mm

Watch the following video for the Extrusion process
Brake Drum
High strength alloy material, better shockproof and shock resistant ability, good heat dissipation, with alarm line for maintenance
With the concave-convex design, adapt with the casting principle, nice appreance    ; different load capacity axle with different bearing gap ,ECO hub is greatly improved

The rigidity of the position reached 30-40HRC,coating ranges of 0.0025mm inside , with no-asbestos brake lining , no pollution and long using life.
Bolt is made of alloy material with 10.9 grade, come with the capability of good stretch & bend intensity
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